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Album Review: To My Love
David London
Cover image of the album To My Love by David London
To My Love
David London
2001 / Real Music
Review by Kathy Parsons
Fans of Yanni's piano-based music should jump for joy at the release of David London's debut CD, To My Love. London is definitely not a copy-cat, but I would guess that he has listened to Yanni's recordings many times and has been strongly influenced by his style and instrumentation. I love a lot of Yanni's music - especially his older work - so I really enjoy this CD. Smooth and soothing from start to finish, this is a romantic recording through and through. London is only 22, and got his start by recording music for his father to play in his clothing store in Denver. He is a natural for the Real Music label, which specializes in warm, optimistic music without many hard edges. All of the songs on To My Love have a mellow flow to them, and all are seamless and polished. This is a keyboard album rather than piano, and many other sounds accompany the "piano" (which sounds like a high-quality synth). Titles include "Capture the Moment", "Now and Forever", "Our First Kiss", and "A Love Story". My favorite is "Against the Wind", which has a little more bite than the other tracks - and also probably sounds the most like Yanni.

Warm and inviting, this is the perfect CD for a candle-light dinner or for sipping wine by the fire. It will be fun to see how David London evolves as a musician, as he is off to a most impressive start!
September 18, 2001
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