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Album Review: Whisperings
David Nevue
Cover image of the album Whisperings by David Nevue
David Nevue
2001 / Midnight Rain Productions
62 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Whisperings is a “best of” collection of fifteen piano solos from David Nevue’s first four albums (1985-2000) and two previously unreleased pieces. Nevue’s playing and composing styles are pensive and deeply personal, but communicate clearly to the listener in a gentle musical language. Often thoughtful and introspective, Nevue’s work tends to be positive without being sugary, and reflects the strength as well as the surrender of profound faith. Nevue occasionally polls his listeners from his website about what their favorite pieces are, and such a poll was done to help in the selection of which pieces to include in this collection (similar polls are done from time to time to help decide which pieces to release in sheet music form). The four albums that are represented are “The Tower” (1992), “While the Trees Sleep” (1995), “The Last Waking Moment” (1997), and “The Vigil” (2000). Although the pieces are not in chronological order, it is very interesting to hear how this artist has developed over the years. Most of the selections are original compositions, but a few are arrangements; those are “A Turn to Grace,” which evolves into a lovely setting of “Amazing Grace,” “I Wonder As I Wander” by John Jacob Niles, and the classic hymn “Be Thou My Vision.” A few of my own favorites are “No More Tears,” “The Vigil,” “Psalm 77,” “Ascending With Angels,” and “The Night Season.” If you are new to David Nevue’s work, this is an outstanding introduction. If you have his previously released albums, this is a really nice “cream of the crop” collection. Whisperings is available from rainmusic.com and amazon.com.
June 16, 2003