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Album Review: Two Hearts
David Wahler
Cover image of the album Two Hearts by David Wahler
Two Hearts
David Wahler
2019 / David Wahler
59 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
David Wahler’s Two Hearts is one of the most beautiful albums I’ve heard in a while - and I’ve been listening to some incredible recordings lately! From the warmth and romance of new love to the pain and devastation of love lost, Wahler explores the powerful connections that unite us “from our human relationships to our precious pets, and all living creatures throughout the planet.” Strongly melodic to ethereal and dreamy, Wahler’s eleven original compositions are expressed with quiet grace and heartfelt emotion. Some have a cinematic sweep and others are more subtle, but the theme is always the same: “By focusing on love and the powerful connections uniting us we can overcome many of the challenges we face.”

David Wahler’s 2018 release, Mosaic, received Zone Music Reporter’s Best Meditation/Relaxation album award and several nominations for Album of the Year. His albums are consistently among my “Picks” and “Favorite Albums of the Year,” and Two Hearts will be no exception! The music was composed, performed and produced by Wahler and mastered by Tom Eaton at Imaginary Road Studio. Everything about this album is top-notch, including the cover artwork by Matt Strieby at New Leaf Design.

Two Hearts opens with “Always,” a tender love song with piano, strings, wordless vocals and light orchestration. It’s easy to imagine a romantic slow dance or this piece playing behind the closing credits of a beautiful movie - a potential classic! “I Remember You” is a gently nostalgic waltz for piano, voices and orchestration. Simple and sincere, it’s like a warm musical hug. “Paris Rain” softly shimmers as it casts a magical spell. “Night Sky of Orion” is a remix of one of the beautiful pieces from Wahler’s 2009 album, Antiquus. One of my favorites, “You and Me” reminds me a bit of some of Michael Hoppe’s music - high praise, indeed! Primarily a guitar piece with voices, strings and keyboard, the deep emotions expressed flow from one heart to another. Simply gorgeous! “Love Lost” is also a favorite. The gently flowing broken chords on the piano support the heartbreaking melody, also on piano, enhanced with strings and keyboard instrumentation. The video that goes with this piece poignantly illustrates some of the many ways love can be lost and really tugs at the heartstrings. Don’t miss this amazing piece of music! The instrumentation for the title track includes piano, wordless vocals, sweeping strings and keyboard. Warm, soothing and full of love, it is sure to brighten anyone’s day! My other favorite is the haunting “Confession.” Guitar, voices, keyboard and percussion are intensely emotional yet mysterious, stirring the soul. The album closes with “Then She Went To Sleep,” a lullaby for lovers with enveloping warmth and a glowing contentment. Ahhhhhhh.

New releases from David Wahler are always a treat, and this one is exceptionally so! Two Hearts is available from DavidWahler.com, Amazon, Apple Music and CD Baby. Very highly recommended!
September 1, 2019
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