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Album Review: Light Songs
Dennis Korn
Cover image of the album Light Songs by Dennis Korn
Light Songs
Dennis Korn
2021 / Klangdorf Music
36 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Light Songs is a collection of twelve original piano solos by German pianist/ composer/ singer/songwriter Dennis Korn, and what a beautiful album it is! The theme of the album revolves around light and hope, and I'm sure the whole world could use more of both! Three of the pieces have been released as singles, and the album has had more than 100,000 streams on Spotify in less than a month from its release date (9/19/2021). Korn's previous album, Night Songs, reached #1 on the German bestselling classical download charts on Amazon, and I would expect Light Songs to do as well or even better. Korn describes his process: "I sit at the piano and let my soul speak. Sometimes it’s like a therapy for me. I let it flow. Nothing is written on paper. I record my feelings." Warm and very expressive, there is simple honesty that flows throughout Korn's music that reassures that everything will be okay - at least as long as the music is playing!

Light Songs begins with "Follow the Light," a piece that feels almost like a conversation with a close friend or relative. Its freely expressive rhythm and tender melody envelop the listener like a long hug, making everything right with the world - for a few minutes, anyway! "Good Morning" makes me think of the optimism of a new day and how the moments after waking seem to move slowly and feel very relaxed. "Summer Rain" is in a theme and variations form with the melody repeated several times with a somewhat different left hand accompaniment. Gentle and refreshing yet tinged with melancholy, it's a favorite. "To the Stars" sounds like the lower end of the piano might be lightly muted or felted to make the upper notes (the stars) even brighter and more twinkling. I love the gentle energy that keeps this piece moving forward! "Sunset in the Desert" expresses feelings of awe and wonder at the brilliant colors in a sky that seems to go on forever. "Sunrise" reflects the soft pastels of an early morning sky and the relaxed hush as the world slowly comes back to life - very evocative! "Morning Bird" moves with the fluid, colorful grace of a dancer and the simple message of a songbird - another favorite! "Reflections" is my favorite track on the album. Calming and freely expressive, the music seems to come from a place deep within - perhaps late at night by candlelight. "Peace" brings the album to a warm and tranquil close, leaving the listener both soothed and energized.

Light Songs is wonderful music for relaxation, but has enough substance to keep you coming back for more. I'll be looking forward to hearing more of Dennis Korn's music! It is available from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes, and streaming sites like Spotify. Very highly recommended!
October 17, 2021
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