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Album Review: Classical Impressions
Dimitri K.
Cover image of the album Classical Impressions by Dimitri K.
Classical Impressions
Dimitri K.
2024 / Dimitri K. Publishing
21 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Classical Impressions is a collection of Dimitri K's arrangements of four very well-known pieces from two of the world's greatest classical composers: Ludwig van Beethoven and Claude Debussy. All four pieces were originally composed as piano solos, and Dimitri has given them a contemporary touch by adding cello (Nikolai Kolarov), oboe (Jamie Strefeler), and violin (Konstantin Dimitrov) to the piano (Ivan Kyurkchiev), which sounds like it is played note-for-note from the original compositions (a very wise artistic choice, I think!). Dimitri K. composed and arranged the parts for the quartet and also produced the album/EP. I've played all four pieces many times in their original form, and the piano parts all sound unchanged. It is the additional instruments that make the music sound more contemporary.

There are currently YouTube videos for all four pieces - "Debussy Impression," "Moonlight Impression," "Pathetique Impression" and "Clair de Lune Impression" - that include beautiful nature photography that suits the relaxed nature of the music perfectly. I think Claude and Ludwig would be very pleased with these beautifully expressive arrangements, and they will likely appeal to a new generation of listeners, too!

Classical Impressions begins with "Debussy Impression" which was originally titled "Arabesque No. 1." It opens with a short solo piano intro before the other three instruments come in to add their musical magic - very graceful and peacefully flowing. "Moonlight Impression" is an "enhanced" version of the first movement of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata." The oboe and cello are especially haunting on this one, which happens to be one of my favorite pieces. "Clair de Lune" is likely Debussy's most popular composition, and "Clair de Lune Impression" expresses the warm, dreamy quality that has made it such a favorite for generations. "Pathetique Impression" is the second (slow) movement of Beethoven's "Sonata Pathetique," recreated as a beautiful quartet. All four instruments - and especially the piano - have a chance to soar in this haunting arrangement.

Classical Impressions is a very beautiful listening experience whether or not you are familiar with the original classics. The EP is available in its physical form from Dimitri K's website, and will be released digitally on August 15, 2024. Two of the pieces are available to download or stream as singles now on Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and Spotify, and there are YouTube videos for all four available now. Signed copies of the album are available from Dimitri K.'s website. More links will be added as they become available. Very highly recommended!
March 29, 2024
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