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Album Review: Forever in my Heart
Dominika Dorincova
Cover image of the album Forever in my Heart by Dominika Dorincova
Forever in my Heart
Dominika Dorincova
2020 / Trees Music Studio
34 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Forever in my Heart is the debut album by twenty-one year-old Slovakian pianist/composer Dominika Dorincova. A musical reflection on first love and all of the emotions that go with that experience, the twelve original piano solos are deeply personal and yet universal. I think Dominika describes her inspiration best: "First love is unique and unforgettable. Friendship that grew into love, shyness, first touches, the first kiss. Beautiful moments spent together replaced by disappointment. In the end, everyone goes their own way. Only memories remain. But they will never forget their first love. Over time, as the grief dissolves, they realize that it was supposed to be that way. And that their first love will remain in their hearts forever." Dorincova's music is warm, self-assured and accessible, and I predict that this is just the beginning of an exceptional career for this gifted young artist.

Dominika started playing the piano at the age of ten and started her studies at the Conservatory in Žilina four years later. She started composing her own music at the age of thirteen and was selected in 2018 to attend the "Revolution Music Lab,"an Italian music workshop for composers. The following year, she was the winner of the "Young Talent of the Town Považská Bystrica" competition in the category of music/dance. In the summer of 2020, Dominika recorded her debut album in Italy and signed her first recording contract with Italian music label Trees Music Studio.

Forever in my Heart begins with the title track, a dreamy, bittersweet expression of the mix of emotions that come with the acceptance that a painful break-up was probably for the best after all. "Lacrime d'amore" ("Tears of Love") is a tender yet powerful lament for a lost love. The melody for this song is strong enough to support lyrics, although they aren't needed to express the pain or the feelings of loss. The graceful "New Day" offers hope and optimism - one of my favorite pieces on the album! I really like "Alone," too, as it looks inward - sometimes sadly and sometimes with a touch of anger. "Shining Star" seems to be about the early stages of a relationship when all you can see is the one you love and the way your heart beats a little faster in his or her presence - also a favorite. "The Miracle of Love" alternates between dreamy and passionate emotions flowing from one heart to another. "Love is in the Air" is bright and sunny, expressing the warmth and joy of a new relationship - dancing on a cloud. Different from the other tracks,"Fairy Tale" is fast, powerful and passionate. Quick rolling chords on the left hand create an energy and drive that propel the adventurous melody - I really like this one, too! "Miss You" is a gorgeous and heartfelt expression of an aching loneliness and emptiness inside that might be conveyed in words or maybe by sending out deep thoughts and feelings. "It's Not Goodbye" brings this lovely album to a close with hope and a sense of moving forward.

Forever in my Heart is a very promising first album by Dominika Doricova and I look forward to hearing more of her music in the future! The album is available from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes, and Spotify as well as other streaming platforms, and there are several videos on YouTube.
March 6, 2021
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