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Album Review: Oceanea (single)
Doug Hammer
Cover image of the album Oceanea (single) by Doug Hammer
Oceanea (single)
Doug Hammer
2024 / Dreamworld Productions
8 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"Oceanea" is Doug Hammer's arrangement of Thomas Dolby's 2011 song re-imagined for solo piano. There are actually two versions of the recording - one that is "clean" piano (unembellished) and one that is more "spacious" and atmospheric with the use of reverb and echo effects. Very slow, peaceful and flowing, it's a beautiful and heartfelt instrumental arrangement that will resonate whether or not you are familiar with the original song.

The piece begins very simply with mostly just the melody, gradually building and becoming more passionate as the song evolves. As always, Doug's expressive piano touch is superlative.
I think it's kind of a fun aside that after three volumes of Swim To America, Doug is still releasing water-related music! Seriously, though, I have been reviewing Doug's music since his 2007 debut, and he always puts heart and soul into all of his projects, and this one is no exception.

Doug has also created a stunning video that combines parts of both versions of his arrangement (the link is below). "Oceanea" is available to download from Amazon, Apple/iTunes and streaming platforms including Spotify. The sheet music for the piece is also available to download from Doug's website and is reviewed here on MainlyPiano.com. Be sure to check it out!
May 24, 2024
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