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Album Review: A Mother's Love: Reimagined EP
Ed and Carol Nicodemi
Cover image of the album A Mother's Love: Reimagined EP by Ed and Carol Nicodemi
A Mother's Love: Reimagined EP
Ed and Carol Nicodemi
2024 / Ed and Carol Nicodemi
23 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
A Mother's Love: Reimagined is a six-song EP by Ed and Carol Nicodemi. Released in honor of Mother's Day, the EP is a warm and loving listening experience to enjoy anytime. All six songs are originals with lyrics about the ups and downs of motherhood from a very personal yet easily-relatable perspective. Carol sings on five tracks with instrumental accompaniment by Ed and herself on guitar, piano and keyboard, and the sixth track is an instrumental tribute to Ed's own late mother. Colleen Kitchen appears on a song she co-wrote with Carol.

A Mother's Love: Reimagined EP begins with the title track, which was recently released as a single. This sweet and heartfelt song tells of a mother who started singing before she could speak, and quickly moves ahead to when she had her own two children and then grandchildren. The lyrics also touch on the very human trait of making (and regretting) mistakes, as well as of the joy of being forgiven for them. "Your Own Star" was written for Ed and Carol's daughter and granddaughter, and also serves as a song of empowerment for all women. The lyrics encourage strength and independence, and urge girls and women to follow their dreams while refusing to let anything stand in their way. "Look At You Now" was written for Ed and Carol's son and all but bursts with pride as it overflows with love. "Forgive Me Daughter" was co-composed with Colleen Kitchen and is sung from three perspectives: the mother, the daughter, and the grandmother. Colleen also sings on this country-flavored song with a simple guitar accompaniment. "You Sang To Me" is a song that Carol wrote for her own late mother after being inspired by a photo that she found. The song recalls several bittersweet moments in life as well as the love that they shared. "Annie: Song For My Mother" first appeared on Ed Nicodemi's 2004 solo piano album, Parallel Solitudes, my first encounter with his music (twenty years ago - really???). This version is also a very warm and expressive piano solo and brings the EP to peaceful close.

A Mother's Love: Reimagined EP is available digitally from Ed and Carol's website as well as from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and streaming platforms including Spotify. Check it out!
May 7, 2024
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