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Album Review: Two Grand I'm Yours: Tour Compilation
Fiona Joy Hawkins and Trysette
Cover image of the album Two Grand I'm Yours: Tour Compilation by Fiona Joy Hawkins and Trysette
Two Grand I'm Yours: Tour Compilation
Fiona Joy Hawkins and Trysette
2012 / Little Hartley Music
53 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Two Grand I'm Yours: Tour Compilation is a selection of six songs by Trysette and Fiona Joy Hawkins in their original recorded form (not just the artists and a piano as presented in the actual concert tour). This sampler is a great way to get acquainted with both artists and to see how different yet compatible they are. Fiona Joy Hawkins is a mostly instrumental artist who occasionally uses her voice as another instrument while Trysette is known for her original vocals that range from folk styles to rock and even rap. In concert, Fiona and Trysette each played half of the concert and came together at the end to perform a couple of songs together. On this recording, the artists alternate their songs, bringing out their own individual stylings and showing how versatile they are. I was surprised that of the twelve songs on the album, only a few were included in the concert performance, but it’s a fascinating and very enjoyable collection that gives listeners who are new to their music more of an overview of their recordings. Fiona and Trysette are both classically-trained pianists from Australia who met in 2011 and decided to tour together after forming a mutual admiration for each other’s music.

The album begins with Trysette’s “Good Day,” a great pop ballad with a strong backbeat. Trysette’s voice is a wonderful blend of sweetness and attitude, as are her lyrics. “White View” is one of my favorite Fiona pieces. It has gone through several incarnations over the years, but this version is one of the best. “Give It Up” is a bouncy rock song by Trysette that even includes a short rap - fun! “Joy” is a lively, upbeat instrumental that includes piano, didgeridoo, and voices - an unlikely combination that works perfectly. “Just a Fantasy” cuts the production down to Trysette’s vocals and guitars - more of a folk ballad. In the middle of the album, Fiona has two songs together, but they flow as one. The first is “Voice of Angels,” an ethereal piece for piano, voice, and English horn that serves as a prelude to the wonderful “Walking in the Air,” another favorite Fiona piece (composed by Howard Blake). “Trysette’s “But Hey” has a slight country flavor with slide guitar and an easy but catchy beat. “Gliding On Air” is a very slow, almost ambient instrumental that slows down the pace and soothes with its graceful flow. “Trysette’s “Everything to Me” is a beautiful love ballad that shows another lovely facet of her voice. As you can see, this compilation includes an eclectic range of musical styles!

Two Grand I'm Yours: Tour Compilation is a great get-acquainted introduction to two of contemporary music’s rising stars as well as a memento of a truly fine concert tour that continues to a world-wide audience. It is available for download from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. There is also a USB “stick” available from Little Hartley Music that includes all twelve songs and the two promotional videos of the tour. Recommended!
October 13, 2012
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