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Album Review: FLOW
Cover image of the album FLOW by FLOW
2017 / LMB Music
51 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
A super-group in the mainstream music is not uncommon where you bring multiple talents together to form a mega-talented band. Also what is not uncommon is that the shelf life of the band is very limited as you are bringing together multiple egos that need to be fed and also have a cluttered scheduled that may conflict with other band members. However in the Adult Contemporary genre super-groups is an unknown entity however if the high quality unified self titled debut album of FLOW is any sign of both their ability and potential lifespan then lets make sure this is not a one off project.

The group is composed of Fiona Joy on keyboards, Lawrence Blatt on guitars, Jeff Oster on trumpet and flugelhorn and Will Ackerman on guitar thus the acronym of the group. While each musician has their own solo career in place along with Ackerman’s full fledge ability as a producer, performer and prime player this album is clearly a unified musical effort. With all the music co written as a band this is reflected in the music that personifies a band effort versus four outstanding musical artists, who have chosen to set aside their musical egos.

Typically the super-group projects are overrated and short lived at least in the mainstream world. However the band FLOW literally lives out their name and throughout the eleven tracks and 51 minutes of their debut album where you will find complete musical joy in this understated reflective beauty. Here is hoping this is not a one off project but one that will see future releases from this outstanding unified band.
December 31, 2017
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