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Album Review: Let It Be (single)
Gary Schmidt
Cover image of the album Let It Be (single) by Gary Schmidt
Let It Be (single)
Gary Schmidt
2021 / Heart Dance Records
3 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"Let It Be" is a single release of pianist/composer Gary Schmidt's instrumental arrangement of The Beatles' classic song originally released in 1970. This arrangement is for piano with some bass or bass guitar and moves right along with rolling broken chords on the left hand and the right hand taking the melody. This is the first release from Gary's current project titled "Beatles Meditation" and he hopes to produce a full album of meditative interpretations of timeless Beatles songs (he very recently released the second single, "Here, There and Everywhere"). This arrangement seems a bit lighter and livelier than many arrangements of "Let It Be," but is warm, soothing and faithful to the spirit of the original song. Having grown up with the music of The Beatles, this will be a fun project to watch (and hear!) unfold!

"Let It Be" is available to download and/or stream from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and from streaming sites like Spotify.
March 9, 2022
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