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Album Review: Symphonic Arts
Cover image of the album Symphonic Arts by Gleisberg
Symphonic Arts
2013 / BSC Music
41 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
While new to these ears, Rudiger Gleisberg has been recording music for over 25 years. His musical journey began on the classical guitar, transitioning to rock music, only then to find himself exploring the keyboards. Since then, the self titled New Age Orchestrator has been creating compelling music, including collaborations with Elmar Schulte under the name Solitaire. However, Symphonic Arts represents Gleisberg’s first effort to record with a symphony orchestra and the results are nothing short of regal and sophisticated.

Clocking in at just over 41 minutes, Gleisberg takes us on a symphonic walkabout into his dreamy musical world with little or no distraction. The music, less percussion, is fully orchestrated and is very emotional and passionate with heavy Classical and New Age influences. As emotive as the music is, Gleisberg avoids presenting any preconceived subject matter and simply names his song titles Part I through Part X. Whether this was intentional or not, this allows you as the audience to create your own musical stories.

The musical exploration of Gleisberg is gripping but never overwrought or overplayed despite its very emotional delivery. From the Roger Dean influenced artwork to the musical landscapes, Gleisberg’s musical canvas includes broad strokes of sweeping orchestrated composition with just enough detail to keep your senses keenly aware. Relax and allow Gleisberg to capture your musical senses and take you on a fantastic romantic musical voyage that is dramatic but never imperious.
February 26, 2013
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