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Album Review: Fall
Greg Maroney
Cover image of the album Fall by Greg Maroney
Greg Maroney
2018 / Greg Maroney
55 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Fall is the fourth and final installment in pianist/composer Greg Maroney’s “Seasons” series. Like the three previous albums, Fall is a collection of solo piano improvisations inspired by a specific time of the year. Fall is often a time of movement - falling leaves, autumn winds, people preparing for winter, etc. - and several of the pieces on this album have a swirling energy that reflects that motion. As always, Maroney’s kind and gentle nature shines through in his music, but the variety of moods and varying degrees of intensity make this collection of thirteen pieces even more special. Recorded in his home studio on his Steinway D concert grand piano, the piano sound is warm, rich and very beautiful.

Fall begins with “Swirling Leaves,” a lively free-form piece that perfectly describes the movement of leaves caught in the wind - sometimes in a gust, sometimes in a circular velocity that keeps them dancing in the air - a wonderful start! “Last Days of Summer” is about enjoying the last warm days of summer knowing that winter is on its way. Not quite carefree, the piece has an easy dance-like feeling. I love “I Walk Alone” and think it is one of Greg’s most poignant pieces to date. Referring to a lonely walk along the cliffs above the ocean, the piece is much more about the walker’s feelings of loss and desolation than about the view. The first time I heard it, this piece grabbed me and pulled me in, and it has continued to do so each time I’ve heard it - one of my favorite pieces of the year! “Murmuration” is another favorite and describes the swirl of black birds as they fly in a large group, creating beautiful shapes in the sky - a mesmerizing and breathtaking sight! I’m a longtime fan of Greg’s “bigger” pieces and “The Gathering” fits that description with its intense repeated left hand pattern and powerful, slightly mysterious melody. Love it! As its title suggests, “First Frost” is about an icy cold morning and beautifully expresses the bite of the cold as well as the peaceful stillness of such a morning in a rural setting (those mornings have a tendency to create chaos in a city!). “A Cold Wind” has a bright, relentless energy that never eases until the last few bars of the piece. Passionate as well as gorgeous, “October” eloquently tells of days getting shorter as shadows grow longer. “Autumn’s Glow” is much more ambient with flowing tones of fall colors and light. Greg calls “Shades of Fall” a general feel good song about being happy and enjoying life. Calm, serene and very peaceful, it’s a wonderful ending to a superlative album!

Fall is Greg Maroney at his colorful best, playing from his heart and sharing experiences via the medium of improvised solo piano music. Greg’s “Seasons” series features some of his very best music, and Fall is no exception. It is available from www.GregMaroney.com, Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Wow!!!
October 17, 2018
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