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Album Review: Remembrances
Greg Maroney and Sherry Finzer
Cover image of the album Remembrances by Greg Maroney and Sherry Finzer
Greg Maroney and Sherry Finzer
2018 / Heart Dance Records
38 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
It’s no secret that Greg Maroney has been one of my favorite pianist/composers for a lot of years, but what amazes me is that he has been taking his music in several different directions, trying new things, and seems to just keep getting better. How is that even possible after more than twenty-one years and twenty-three solo piano albums? Remembrances is his first collaborative album, and what an incredibly beautiful album it is! Flutist Sherry Finzer was invited to perform in Greg’s Harmony Grove house concert series in 2017 and at the end of each concert, Greg and Sherry improvised a piece together. The videos of those improvisations were posted on social media with very positive feedback, so Greg and Sherry recorded their first single, “The Beauty Within,” which was also very well-received and is included on Remembrances. The other eight pieces on the album were derived from improvisations, but each part was recorded separately. Greg recorded his Steinway concert grand piano in his own studio, keeping Sherry’s flute parts in mind, and then sent her the recordings to add her low flutes. The parts were then mastered together with results that are nothing short of spectacular!

Remembrances begins with “I Ask Again,” an achingly beautiful piece that immediately draws you in and never lets go. Both artists play with heartfelt emotion and a passion that shines through the music. “The Beauty Lies Within” flows effortlessly with grace and warm feelings of calm and contentment. “Lullaby for Leo” is a sweet bedtime piece for “kids” of any age. Tender and loving, the steady tempo and the low tone of the flute are hypnotic as well as relaxing. “Welcome Home” feels very much like a warm greeting and a lingering hug after being away. It also expresses the peacefulness and ease of being where you really belong. Sherry gets out the Native Flute for “When Darkness Falls,” the perfect counterpoint to Greg’s expressive piano - breathtaking and definitely a favorite! “Contemplation” is velvety-smooth and equally comforting - bliss set to music! “The Crossing” is a bit darker and more mysterious with Sherry performing on a couple of flutes - gorgeous! The title track is gently nostalgic and reflective and again features more than one flute. “Soaring” does just that, uplifting the spirit and bringing this outstanding album to a close. Remembrances will definitely be on my list of Favorite Albums of 2018!

Remembrances is available from HeartDanceRecords.com, Amazon and iTunes.
November 29, 2018
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