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Album Review: A Singular Point of Grace
Greg Starr
Cover image of the album A Singular Point of Grace by Greg Starr
A Singular Point of Grace
Greg Starr
2012 / Quiet Rain Music
50 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
A Singular Point of Grace: Songs From the Guesthouse is the second release from Greg Starr, a life-long musician who has enjoyed a lengthy career in music production, writing and producing music for numerous clients including Wisconsin Public Television, Milwaukee Children’s Theater, the Library Of Congress, Lutheran Brotherhood, and Hal Leonard Corporation. A Singular Point of Grace is a collection of thirteen original piano solos created and performed with the goal of soothing and calming a frenzied world. Composed with an abundance of grace and charm, these solos are played with heartfelt expression and sincerity. A few songs are a bit more energetic, but this is mostly music to unwind and relax with.

A Singular Point of Grace begins with “A Distant Shore,” a dreamy piece overflowing with longing, wishing for something far out of reach. “Vernazza” is graceful and nostalgic. I love “Umbrellas In the Rain,” a bittersweet minor-key waltz presented in a theme and variations format. “Racing Uphill” is more energetic and made up of two main themes. The first has a very lively treble with the more serious melody in the bass. The second theme reverses it with a livelier bass pattern and the melody in the treble. The three-part “Three Place Settings” includes the titles “La Conner,” “ Kalaloche,” and “Cape Flattery.” Presented as a suite, each piece is quite different from the other. I especially like “Kalaloche,” with its beautifully flowing, peaceful mood. “An Imposition of Sorts” is another favorite. Melancholy and introspective, it comes from somewhere deep within, expressed with intense emotion. “Pas de Deux” is a graceful and elegant dance for two (usually ballet), and this piece makes it easy to visualize two bodies moving in perfect harmony. “Uncle Seamus” is a sweet and loving tribute with a Celtic flavor. “Once in a Lifetime” tells the story of a life-changing event and gently brings the album to a close.

A Singular Point of Grace is great music for driving, working, dinner music, and many other activities made even more enjoyable with quiet piano music in the background. It is available from gregstarrmusic.com, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Recommended!
January 28, 2013
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