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Album Review: Evil Will Prevail
Hellsingland Underground
Cover image of the album Evil Will Prevail by Hellsingland Underground
Evil Will Prevail
Hellsingland Underground
2012 / Killed By Records
47 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
The Swedes have exported some interesting music from the popular Abba, to the hair band Europe all the way to the extreme heavy metal swagger of Yngwie Malmsteen just to name a few. But their latest export Hellsingland Undeground utterly defies category.

One look at their latest album cover of Evil Will Prevail one would expect the speakers to spew heavy metal riffs with praises to Satan but quite the contrary. While lyrically there are some darker themes explored here and there, musically Hellsingland Underground is an extraordinary band that ferments a very organic musical experience of layered acoustic and electric guitars merging with keyboards, harmonica's and terrific vocal harmonies, but never boring. In fact, take the harmonies, harmonica of the delightful English folk rockers Lindisfarne and merge it with some of the swag of southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd along with a healthy dose of their own secret potion, then shazam you are in Hellsingland Underground.

Evil Will Prevail represents the band's third album and it is no stronger than their two prior releases. This is not meant as a knock on their latest recording but actually a testimony to how strong their recordings have been to date. With the exception of the unnecessary f bomb within the chorus of the "Debauchery" on their second album Madness & Grace, all of Hellsingland Underground's recordings to date have been astonishing. While there is a spiritual disagreement with the album title Evil Will Prevail should Hellsingland Underground continue to produce such stellar recordings there is no doubt that their music will.
October 12, 2013