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Album Review: Art On The Piano
Holly Jones
Cover image of the album Art On The Piano by Holly Jones
Art On The Piano
Holly Jones
2019 / Studio Jones
50 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Art On The Piano is the fourth album from pianist/composer Holly Jones, but it is the first of her recordings that I’ve heard. I have to say that I’m blown away by the beauty and sensitivity of all eleven original piano solos on this album. Recorded on a 7’4” Bosendorfer 225 grand piano, the piano sound is gorgeous - warm, clear and silky-smooth. Also a physical therapist, Jones understands the healing power of music and enjoys creating pieces that are “good for the neurology.” I really like and appreciate her quote: “I wish for my music to reach the truth in each person listening...to help them take pause in the busyness of life and to bring them peace and clarity. I envision that it is most likely played as background music...it provides a setting of peace...but when one listens closer, it can 'take them away'...and always to the best place.”

Born in Kentucky, Holly Jones started studying the violin at the age of three, the piano at eight, and began creating music on the piano by the time she was nine. Her piano training includes many years of private study, as well as private piano and composition studies at Indiana University. She released her first album, Traveler, in 2003, her second, Storyteller, in 2016 and an orchestrated version of Storyteller with the Prague Metropolitan Orchestra in 2017.

Art On The Piano begins with “A Blackberry Sky,” an uncomplicated but incredibly expressive piece that paints a picture of a warm tranquility and absolute contentment. “Butterfly” has a very light, gentle melody on the right hand supported by quietly rolling broken chords on the left. Graceful and unhurried, it’s an incredibly relaxing piece! “In the Quiet” captures the feeling of sitting alone in a peaceful setting and simply “being” for a while. The title track is somewhat more dramatic yet remains very open and reflective - a favorite. I assume that “Jellies” refers to jellyfish, some of the most hypnotic creatures to watch as their undulating bodies gracefully move in water. This music really describes the freedom and beauty of that movement. “The Room” is a little different and is another favorite. The gently rolling chords remind me a bit of “Moonlight Sonata,” while a couple of short phrases that are somewhat discordant pique the curiosity: “hmm - what was that?” Interesting! As the title suggests, “Repose” is languid and very relaxed. “Walk With The Trees” feels very introspective while expressing deep and poignant emotions. Slow, open-hearted and very honest, I love its gentle beauty - another favorite! “Light On The Water” has a rhythmic pattern similar to “I Saw Three Ships,” and then goes on to paint an aural picture of light dancing on the surface of water - a wonderful close to an excellent album!

Art On The Piano is available from www.HollyJonesPiano.com, Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby as well as all streaming platforms. This is definitely one of my favorite albums of the year!
October 4, 2019