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Album Review: The Bouquet of Dreams
Igor Lisul
Cover image of the album The Bouquet of Dreams by Igor Lisul
The Bouquet of Dreams
Igor Lisul
2022 / Igor Lisul
25 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
The Bouquet of Dreams is a collection of nine original electric guitar solos by Serbian guitarist/composer Igor Lisul and is his third album (plus a single) released so far in 2022. Quoting Igor: "The Bouquet of Dreams is a very meditative clean electric guitar only album." A mostly self-taught left-handed guitarist who plays the strings in the reverse order, Igor has been releasing his albums and singles on the internet for quite a few years and is very prolific. Much of his music is of an "art rock" style, but The Bouquet of Dreams is much quieter and more delicate. The other recordings that I've reviewed of Igor's music have included percussion and keyboard accompaniment, but this one is just electric guitar and I actually like the sound quite a bit better.

The Bouquet of Dreams begins with "Happy Summer Days," a warm and dreamy piece that looks back to those lazy summer days of our youth when school was out and we could do pretty much whatever the spirit moved us to do. (My interpretation!) "Rain Shower" includes the sound of thunder and rain falling. Tinged with melancholy, it also has a dreamy, reflective expression about it. "Dance of the Tall Trees" moves slowly like a tall tree in a breeze - lazy and unhurried. The title track is quietly introspective - a guitarist letting his mind wander as he plays. "Homeland" seems to be telling a story and I assume that it's about Serbia. "On a Sunny Day" feels very light and carefree, expressing the joy of being outside enjoying nature and all that it has to offer. The happy innocence of "The Carousel" is much like its namesake. You can almost feel the up and down, circular movement in the music. "The Weeping Willow" returns to a more introspective, dreamy feeling and seems to look within - a favorite. "A Beautiful Twilight" is blissfully romantic and peaceful, and brings the album to a tranquil close - a very nice ending!

The Bouquet of Dreams is available to download and stream on Amazon, Bandcamp and Apple Music/iTunes and can be streamed on sites that include Spotify. Check it out!
July 29, 2022
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