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Album Review: The Journey
Cover image of the album The Journey by Isadar
The Journey
2000 / Mainya Music Entertainment
40 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Isadar’s fourth solo piano album is a blend of smooth jazz and new age stylings, showing both his impressive technique and sensitivity to melody. Several of the eight selections are free-form and improvisational, revealing some of Liz Story’s influence on his music. Some of Isadar’s earlier recordings have very dark, moody sections, but this one stays fairly upbeat and optimistic without being ear candy. The music is complex enough to sink your teeth into, and yet is accessible enough to enjoy as a backdrop to a quiet dinner or an evening with a good book.

“Joyful Running” begins the “journey” with an exuberant and uplifting piece that reminds me a little of some of Spencer Brewer’s bouncier compositions. “Fountain of Life” is a beautiful piece with a water-like flow that never stops in its 10 1/2 minutes. I listened to this CD several times without realizing that this song was that long. It flows and meanders so effortlessly that it seemed no longer than the other seven selections, most of which are between four and five minutes in length. Unstructured and free, this is one of my favorite tracks. I also really like the title track, which is even more abstract and unstructured. The tone is of searching and moving forward. “End of the Line” is my favorite on this album. Very introspective and contemplative, this seems to be a very personal piece. It is the most somber track, but one still senses hope despite the ending of something dear and important. Or maybe it’s simply the end of “the journey” and the dread of returning to “real life” - I feel this way on the last day of my vacations! It is a wonderful and moving closing to an excellent album. The Journey is available from isadar.com and amazon.com.
May 5, 2000
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