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Album Review: Candles Burn in the Quiet Night (single)
James Michael Stevens
Cover image of the album Candles Burn in the Quiet Night (single) by James Michael Stevens
Candles Burn in the Quiet Night (single)
James Michael Stevens
2020 / James M Stevens Music
3 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
“Candles Burn in the Quiet Night” is a beautiful solo piano single composed by James Michael Stevens. When storms knocked out the electricity for four nights this past May, the only available light was from burning candles. Stevens had to resort to writing out the piece with pen and paper since there was no access to computer software - always a good reminder of how music was created before the age of electronics! The piece is slow and simple, but very poignant. I feel a sense of isolation in the music that often comes when sitting in the dark - especially without that quiet buzz of electricity flowing through the house. Warm yet melancholy, it’s one of my favorites of James Michael Stevens’ many pieces.

The single is available from Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and many other streaming sites. The sheet music is available from SheetMusicPlus.com.
June 15, 2020
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