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Album Review: Heavenly Whispers
Janie Horton
Cover image of the album Heavenly Whispers by Janie Horton
Heavenly Whispers
Janie Horton
2003 / Metaxy
57 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Heavenly Whispers is a shimmeringly beautiful second release by pianist/composer Janie Horton (her first release was A Gift From Janie as Janie Campbell.). Some of the tracks are solo piano and others feature Daniel Kobialka on violin, Verlene Schermer on harp, and/or Valerie Hayes with wordless vocals. Janie also adds keyboard textures to some of the music, but this is minimal. The music is quiet and introspective but full of emotional power. Amazingly, Janie is willing to give her CD to anyone who would like a copy or who knows someone in need of the healing and soothing power of music.

The CD opens and closes with two versions of “Lullaby for Daddy, “ which features harp and voice as well as piano. Gentle and soothing, the piece invites relaxation and surrender. As the title implies, “Mourning Light” carries a feeling of tragedy and loss, deepened by the soulful violin. As it evolves, the mood lightens to a more hopeful feeling and ends peacefully. “Para El Hotel Casa Real” is one of the solos, and is much more serene. I was lucky enough to see Janie play this live, and she described the place that inspired the music as a bit of heaven on earth. Warmth, peace, and tenderness run through the music, making this a favorite. “Ballerina Angel” is another favorite. A bit more upbeat and lively, it has the swirling movement and grace of a dancer with the sweetness of an angel - very lovely! “Where Did He Go” tugs at the heartstrings with piano and violin. Melancholy and questioning, this piece is so sad! “The River Runs Deep” is again more optimistic and has a wonderful flowing quality. This is mostly a piano piece, but the violin parts add poignance and additional color. “Sweet Child of Mine” is a tender love song to a dear son. There are thirteen tracks on Heavenly Whispers, and they are all gorgeous. Reflective and deeply felt, Janie Horton’s music reaches out, offering comfort and peace. Sure to be one of my favorites of the year!

To request a copy of Heavenly Whispers, email Janie Horton at TheBlithe@aol.com or write to her at PMB 142, 1325 Howard Avenue, Burlingame, CA 94010. Very highly recommended!
August 7, 2003
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