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Album Review: Somewhere Beyond The Clouds (single)
Johannes Linstead
Cover image of the album Somewhere Beyond The Clouds (single) by Johannes Linstead
Somewhere Beyond The Clouds (single)
Johannes Linstead
2023 / Divine Earth Media
5 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"Somewhere Beyond the Clouds" is a new single from Johannes Linstead, an artist best-known for his award-winning guitar wizardry. On this piece, an original composition, Johannes plays the piano accompanied by violin and cello. He describes the piece this way:

"This song was written after a dear friend died from Covid, one year ago. While grieving I sat at my piano and at first some simple notes guided my hands, like a soul balancing between two worlds. In the middle of the song there is a change where the violin notes become more intense and the piano switches to harp-like arpeggios. This to me is the soul breaking the bonds of the body and earth, finding its way into the unknown. At the conclusion, the soul makes its final ascent, somewhere beyond the clouds."

A trio of piano, violin and cello can be especially evocative, as it is in this case. Smooth and flowing, "Somewhere Beyond the Clouds" is a heartfelt remembrance for someone well-loved. Very quiet, reflective and deeply emotional, it's a wonderful tribute. I have really enjoyed getting acquainted with this side of Johannes Linstead's musicianship!

"Somewhere Beyond the Clouds" is available from Amazon and Apple Music/iTunes as well as various streaming sites including Spotify. A music video for the piece is also available on YouTube.
February 26, 2023
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