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Album Review: Tales of a Gypsy
Johannes Linstead
Cover image of the album Tales of a Gypsy by Johannes Linstead
Tales of a Gypsy
Johannes Linstead
2012 / earthscape media
48 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
It has been 3 years since Linstead’s last release Mistico which is perhaps arguable one of his best recordings to date. While Tales of A Gypsy will certainly please his faithful followers and is without a doubt a most enjoyable audio excursion, it is also somewhat of a step backwards when compared with its predecessor. However, if you are fans of the less adventurous Café Tropical or his very early releases, Tales of A Gypsy will not disappoint.

Despite missing the more progressive leanings of some of Linstead’s prior releases, Tales of A Gypsy nevertheless has some very stellar moments. One in particular is the ultra smooth and accessible “Sosua Bay Sunset” which is more in line with a song one would expect from the smooth jazz outfit The Rippingtons. Though instead of a saxophone, Linstead is accompanied by some light accordion embellishments from Jordan Abraham. Speaking of Abraham, his contributions are even more obvious courtesy of the delectable folksy “Vagabond Stomp” that will have you swaying. But if you seeking out the less obvious composition hit the advance button and seek out “Flows Like Water” that meanders slowly like the Mississippi River. Clocking in at over 7 minutes this moody slow mover is a shaker.

So perhaps not Linstead’s best recording to date but nevertheless Tales of A Gypsy after its more predictable opening tracks builds as you move through the listening experience. But even when Linstead is not in overdrive, when compared to his peers he still a compelling and intriguing artist capable of just about anything.
August 4, 2013
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