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Album Review: A World Awakens
John Adorney
Cover image of the album A World Awakens by John Adorney
A World Awakens
John Adorney
2016 / EverSound
59 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
It has been less than one year since The Wind Pearl has been released and yet we have another John Adorney recording entitled A World Awakens. Considering just how impressive The Wind Pearl was brings A World Awakens under close scrutiny to its predecessor and while not quite as strong there is no doubting that Adorney’s latest recording is still another salient recording session.

A World Awakens opens with the toe tapping “Something Near, Something Far” that is enjoyable and reliable only to be followed up by the more exotic but somewhat awkward “Dance Of Your Pauper King”. Nevertheless, Adorney quickly rectifies this with the simply sublime “Ashes To Bloom” that just may be one of his finest compositions to date. Similar tender moments also are found on “And For All Time” that features Shinn Jamison on oboe, penny whistle and flute.

On the flipside there is the impressive upbeat title track featuring the trumpet of Randy Baltzell that only reminds you that John always has a trick up his sleeve as the trumpet has only been previously featured on his recording Live In Concert. Of course Daya’s vocals are prominently featured on the lullaby influenced “Come, Little Butterfly” and for enhancement purposes on the previously mentioned stellar “Ashes To Bloom”.

While not Adorney’s finest recording to date perhaps A World Awakens may test the theory of too much of a good thing in too short a period of time. Nevertheless, add some changes to the sequencing of the songs, his latest recording is still a solid effort from this multi instrumental musician and producer that continues to impress year after year.
December 24, 2016
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