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Album Review: Star Eyes
John Fluker
Cover image of the album Star Eyes by John Fluker
Star Eyes
John Fluker
2011 / Retribution Records
48 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
This is not John Fluker’s debut solo recording but it is the first exposure to this reviewer. John is currently the musical director of Gladys Knight who has also performed for an array of largely R&B artists. Star Eyes in contrast is rooted in accessible neo classical influences bringing us a totally different glimpse of Fluker and his talents.

The entire album is written, produced and performed by Fluker whose piano work is lightly washed in flowing string embellishments that are complimentary and do not distract you from his assured playing. This is best exemplified by the smooth heartfelt and open “After The Fall” and “Babe In Arms”. Star Eyes is one of 2011’s pleasant surprises and Fluker is someone to watch for.
October 15, 2011
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