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Album Review: Migration
Jonny Lipford
Cover image of the album Migration by Jonny Lipford
Jonny Lipford
2019 / Jonny Lipford
54 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Native flutist and multi-instrumentalist Jonny Lipford has released more than sixteen solo albums since his 2007 debut, Transitions, but I have to admit that Migration is the first of his albums that I’ve heard. What a wonderful discovery this is! Lipford specializes in music produced with Native American flutes and a variety of world flutes and his mission is “to create and compose music that highlights the Native American flute while pushing its boundaries and making it more accessible to audiences of diverse backgrounds.” I thought it was interesting to learn that Lipford received his first Native flute when he was thirteen (2002) as a Christmas gift. He has gone on to earn many awards for his music and has become a highly sought-after instructor for individual and group lessons, workshops and seminars. In addition to Native flutes, there is an interesting variety of other instruments on the album, including piano, percussion, synths, and vocals, and all are performed by Lipford. Migration is a real treat for the ears as well as a soothing and relaxing balm for the soul.

Migration begins with “Fly in Beauty,” a gorgeous piece about trust and taking that first leap of faith. Native and Irish flutes, piano, handpan and pad send this inspiring opener skyward. “Hunt of the Nighthawk” is darker, more haunting, and is a favorite! Lipford uses a Mayan harmony drone flute, percussion, piano, synth and pad to paint a glowing, shimmering picture of dawn and dusk - the times that are neither day nor night. “Emerging Vision” is another favorite. Played on triple Native flute, piano and percussion, it is a reminder to listen to the whispers in our hearts because “every dream that was ever realized started as an emerging vision.” Slow, graceful and heartfelt, it’s a passionate beauty! The title track is a gentle call to action, asking if we are fulfilling our purpose in life. A variety of flutes, piano, voice, percussion and pad combine to create a rhythmic piece that makes you want to move! “Masked Ibis” refers to the large birds that teach us about communication and opportunity. Guzheng (Chinese zither), Native and Persian flutes, synth, marimba, piano and percussion give this lovely piece a truly international flavor! “At First Light” expresses the gentle peace and stillness of dawn. “Wisdom in the Wing” celebrates birds as the masters of communication as well as their importance to many world cultures. Native and Mojave flutes, Gregorian chant, synth, pad and percussion emphasize the timelessness and universal influence of the world’s winged creatures. “Poet’s Awakening” floats on a peaceful cloud of gratitude and fulfillment, shifting our focus from what we lack to what we have and being thankful for that - a very important reminder! “Peace Within” delivers the most important message of the album. Quoting the liner notes: “Some say that world peace is a lofty and largely external idea. However, world peace can be realized by transforming inner peace and expressing it outwardly. It is a conscious commitment and is up to each of us.” Native flutes, bird sounds, piano, pad and percussion wrap us in the blissful sound of a perfect peace that is quiet, mindful and provides a loving place for all living creatures. We need to make this happen!

Migration will very definitely be one of my favorite albums of 2019 and I look forward to discovering more Jonny Lipford’s music! The album is available from JonnyLipfordMusic.com, Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, and many streaming sites. Bravo!
May 25, 2019
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