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Album Review: KYLGS
Karen L. Gerig-Scott
Cover image of the album KYLGS by Karen L. Gerig-Scott
Karen L. Gerig-Scott
2014 / Delved in Dreams Music
2 tracks available separately
Review by Kathy Parsons
Karen L. Gerig-Scott is the first artist to be featured by new record label, Delved in Dreams Music. Initially, two tracks are being made available for download, “Je t’aime (I Love You)” and “Dwelling Place.” Both are orchestrated piano pieces and both were composed by Ms. Gerig-Scott, who started playing the piano before first grade and has been composing music ever since. She says “I have an idea, or feeling or expression and I do it with music technology.” The Indiana-based artist attended Indiana University‑Purdue University Fort Wayne as a music major and electrical engineer, and has extensive experience with choral music as both performer and director. She goes on to say, “Music is a living Art. It has feelings, it has expression. It is something everyone can experience.” Both of her initial releases are full of passion, melodic, and very accessible. Both tracks are a bit over six minutes each.

“Je t’aime (I Love You)” is a full and rich piece performed on piano with strings and other light orchestration. Gerig-Scott says that the piece “is about Love…all types of love. There are many stories out there in all types of relationships, including those between parent and child, two people, friendships and everything in between.” The warm, contented mood and gently swirling rhythms suggest a dreamy slow dance that could be for a romantic couple, mother or father and child, or even just one person dancing on a cloud. It’s a lovely makes-you-feel-good kind of piece.

The second piece, “Dwelling Place,” reminds the composer of where thoughts and memories dwell. More fully orchestrated than “Je t’aime,” the piano is still the main focus and takes the listener to a powerful place of hope and optimism. This seems like the perfect closing theme for a dramatic film about triumph over adversity or any movie with an emotionally-charged ending. Very stirring and moving!

Karen L. Gerig-Scott is off to a fantastic start in her recording career and I look forward to hearing more music from her in the near-future. Both tracks are available from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Recommended!
August 25, 2014