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Album Review: The Golden Hour (single)
Karlijn Langendijk and myndstream Fall Flight
Cover image of the album The Golden Hour (single) by Karlijn Langendijk and myndstream Fall Flight
The Golden Hour (single)
Karlijn Langendijk and myndstream Fall Flight
2021 / myndstream
4 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Karlijn Langendijk's "The Golden Hour" is the fourth track in the myndstream Fall Flight collection of six pieces by six artists. A beautiful acoustic guitar solo, this young Dutch artist composes with all of the intricate shades of emotions that people feel intensely but cannot communicate in words. Not bound by any specific genre or style, Karlijn prefers combining styles to create a unique voice all her own. In 2020, she was ranked #6 in the Top 10 of Acoustic Guitarists for that year by MusicRadar. Karlijn describes the piece: "'The Golden Hour' is inspired by my favorite time of the day, when a warm glow of light blankets the landscape - the moment even the small things look magical. When missing a loved one or friend who is far away or maybe passed on, it’s as if they shine their light on you. Just for a little while, everything seems to be fine."

"The Golden Hour" and and the other five tracks from the myndstream Fall Flight are available from myndstream.com, Amazon, Apple/iTunes and streaming sites like Spotify.
November 18, 2021
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