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Album Review: A Time of Innocence
Keith Driskill
Cover image of the album A Time of Innocence by Keith Driskill
A Time of Innocence
Keith Driskill
2009 / Keith Driskill
28 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
A Time of Innocence is the charming and delightful debut recording of acoustic guitarist Keith Driskill. A collection of nine original guitar solos played in the “finger-picking” style, the pieces have the sound of someone playing from the heart in his own private space, free to be completely candid and honest. Warmth and contentment flow through the music, providing a respite from the noise and hectic pace of contemporary life. This is a great album for unwinding, reading, massage, or any quiet activity where a touch of gentle beauty would make the experience even more relaxing or rewarding. The tempo of the music is easy-going and unhurried with simple, heartfelt melodies and uncomplicated rhythms.

A Time of Innocence begins with “Miracle of Forgiveness,” a dreamy, enchanting piece that sets the pace and mood of the album. “Lover’s Farewell” is hauntingly beautiful and touches the heart with sadness and loss. I love this piece! Muir Woods is a magical area on the Northern California coast, and Driskill’s song captures the serene majesty of the redwoods and the surrounding area. The title tune beautifully depicts the wide-eyed innocence of young children and their uncomplicated charm. “Moonlight Lullaby” is a tender love song that would wrap a child in warmth and security, free from care or fear. I love this one, too! “Melancholy Moment” is bittersweet and soothing as it expresses deep feelings through the voice of the guitar. “My Angel Friend” is my favorite track. Happy and secure in the knowledge (or belief) of being protected and cared for by an unseen friend, the piece overflows with peace and serenity. “Fireflies” expresses a joyful, carefree sense of freedom and tranquility. “Twilight” closes the set as quietly and gently as it began, conveying the peaceful ending of a very good day.

A Time of Innocence is a very impressive debut - not only for Keith Driskill’s mastery of his guitar, but also for his artistry in keeping the music simple and from the heart. If you love acoustic guitar, this album is a must! It is available from driskillmusic.com, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Very highly recommended!
April 25, 2011
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