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Album Review: Nightfall
Keith Phillips
Cover image of the album Nightfall by Keith Phillips
Keith Phillips
2002 / Phillips Music
46 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Nightfall is a lovely collection of seventeen gentle, easy-going original piano solos. Keith Phillips is a classically trained piano teacher from Georgia who has worked with bands and as a solo artist in a wide variety of musical styles. That eclectic background is evident, although this CD has no real “rockers” to disturb the quiet serenity that the music evokes. One track, “Journey,” has percussion and synth strings for back-up, but the other pieces are all solo piano. Also an arranger of hymns for piano, some of the pieces have a very spiritual quality; others have a more folk or Celtic feel. Four of the tracks are less than two minutes in length, and six others are less than three minutes, creating vignettes and sketches as well as the more developed longer pieces.

The CD opens with a warm and leisurely piece called “Contentment,” which sets the pleasurable mood for what is to come. Melodic and inviting, this is a very beautiful beginning. “Irish Song” is a bit livelier and more upbeat, but the feeling of contentment lingers. “Love Smiles” is full of happy, bubbly feelings - like a dance in the spring sunshine. “Time” and “Song for Brian” are two of the short pieces, and are perfect in their brevity. I also really like “Grace,” which has a lyrical, tranquil flow. “Refelection” and “My Friend” are also very nice ballads.

Nightfall is a very promising debut from Keith Phillips. The music is uncluttered and easily accessible, but is far from trite. Good for an uplifting backdrop as well as for active listening. It is available from amazon.com.
February 2, 2002
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