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Album Review: Revelation
Kelly Andrew
Cover image of the album Revelation by Kelly Andrew
Kelly Andrew
2021 / Morontia Music
64 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
My one-word summation of Kelly Andrew's Revelation would be a very emphatic "WOW!!!" This album is one of the most powerful musical adventures I've taken in a long time and provides an awe-inspiring soundtrack for a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. I had assumed that the album's title referred to the book of Revelation in The Bible, but Kelly Andrew says that the music is more about a personal spiritual adventure and wasn't intended to be biblical or religious. It wasn't created for a specific audience or genre of music and really stands in a category of its own. Bold, dynamic and very intense, you won't fall asleep listening to this one!

In the album notes provided by Morontia Music, they explain the album better than I can:

"The album REVELATION was written and produced especially for these uncertain times. It's a journey back in time, before history and beyond memory. An experience of mind, body and soul. An expansion of perception, grasp and awareness. This album is a labor of love, created to be a total invasion of the heart. The intent is to push the mind of the listener out to the far reaches of cosmic thought and into the unknown depths of unspoken reality....Close your eyes and let your mind visualize the wonders of our existence as you float upon this vast river of orchestrated sound into unexplored thought and intriguing possibilities. Become one with the music....Allow your inner guide to follow the vibrations of melody, harmony and rhythm, to take you to where the mind meets Spirit - where clear untarnished Truth, unimaginable Beauty and unbelievable Goodness converge in Your Inner Light."

Revelation begins with the title track, an overture of sorts that lets you know immediately that this is no ordinary album. It starts out quietly, building to full symphonic orchestration, choir voices and a strong rhythm. "Spark of Life" has a very quiet, magical quality with strings and a lightly muted piano to start. More instruments and voices are added as the piece builds to a triumphant middle section and them gradually quiets and fades to the end. "Humanity" draws on a variety of world music influences and chants interspersed with symphonic orchestration and choir voices to express feelings of unity and equality. "Escape" cranks up the energy to an adventurous level, again with a variety of world music influences and a "big," cinematic sound. "Arrival" is very dark and mysterious punctuated with flashes of light and heavy percussion before opening up somewhat. One of the most intense pieces on the album, this one really grabs you and won't let go. Along with the orchestral instrumentation, there is some incredible electric guitar playing and tons of heavy drum accents. "Manifesto" doesn't let up on the intensity, but this track seems to express a strong sense of purpose and of moving forward. "Rebellion" uses a number of sound effects to further intensify the feelings of danger, chaos, and power. Visual images abound as the music pulls you in ever more deeply. "The Garden" seems to suddenly take us back to a place of grace, beauty and hope. "Regret" uses voices and strings (among other instrumentation) to express the tragedy and heartbreak of regret - again, very intense and emotional. "Veil of Tears," mostly piano and strings, reminds me of a favorite Chopin prelude in places - very delicate and deeply moving. Revelation comes to a peaceful close with "Divine Embrace," expressing the healing comfort such an embrace would bring. What an amazing musical and spiritual journey this music provides!

Revelation is available from Amazon, Apple/iTunes and streaming sites like Spotify.
May 27, 2021
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