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Album Review: More Than Words
Kevin Kern
Cover image of the album More Than Words by Kevin Kern
More Than Words
Kevin Kern
2002 / Real Music
66 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
More Than Words is an enchanting “best of” collection from Kevin Kern’s five previous albums and includes two new pieces. My only argument with the selection of the fourteen tracks is the inclusion of both of the cover tunes Kern had on his In My Life album over any of his original work from that album. Both “In My Life” and “We All Fall in Love Sometimes” are great arrangements, but there was some beautiful original work on that album, too, and none of those pieces were included. Other than that, most of these pieces HAD to be on a “best of” collection - “After the Rain,” “Sundial Dreams,” and “Through the Arbor” from “In the Enchanted Garden” are pretty-much Kern’s signature pieces, as is “Twilight’s Embrace” from “Summer Daydreams.”. “Above the Clouds” and “Blossom on the Wind” from last year’s “Embracing the Wind” open and close the collection with warmth and serenity. “From This Day Forward” from the same album was written for Kern’s wedding and is so warm and loving that my CD player almost smiles whenever I play it! “Out of the Darkness Into the Light” was composed for the “Freedom to Love” compilation, and appeared there as a piano solo. Kern orchestrated the piece, and included it on this CD - a beautiful tribute to those lost in the attacks of 9/11. The other new piece is “Children At Play,” is a wistful piano and guitar duet that is full of Kern’s trademark gentleness and warmth. Even if you have all of Kern’s albums, the grouping of the pieces on this CD is wonderful, making the pieces fresh and new again. If you are new to Kevin Kern’s work, this is an outstanding introduction! My only words of warning are to not use this CD in a wake-up CD player. I slept through 45 minutes of it one morning, and although I had some lovely little dreams in the process, woke up late and in a panic when I realized what time it was! Yep, the music is that peaceful! Very highly recommended for all other purposes!
March 3, 2002
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