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Album Review: Minor Arpeggio
Kim Perseghin
Cover image of the album Minor Arpeggio by Kim Perseghin
Minor Arpeggio
Kim Perseghin
2009 / Wednesday Morning Records
29 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Minor Arpeggio is the debut solo piano album by Kim Perseghin. The eight original compositions have a very strong classical influence and come from a deeply emotional source. Perseghin started playing the piano at the age of five and began composing at ten. As a young teen, she regularly entered National Piano Guild competitions and was consistently awarded the highest rating. She continues to perform on both piano and guitar around the Washington DC area. Although this recording is quite short, the music is full, complex yet accessible, and played with confidence. It is a very promising debut!

Minor Arpeggio begins with “Goodwin’s Goodnight,” a beautiful ballad that seems to sing without words. The left hand plays a broken-chord pattern that propels the piece while the right hand carries the poignant melody - a great start! “Yelena’s Sorrow” is very dark and has a mournful Russian flavor. “Bella” picks up the tempo a bit and evokes images of a ballerina dancing to the music, thinking she is alone, and pouring her heart into her expressive movements. I love this piece! “Heartbeat for Steve and Gus” is a bit lighter, but just as stirring. “Endless Midnight” has a restless left hand that keeps moving throughout while the right hand plays the more soothing melody, reminding me of nights when there is a push and pull of the quiet and the agitated. “Twilight” begins with a simple melody and a gentle bass pattern that develops more energy as it evolves. Sometimes sparkling and sometimes more subdued, it’s very colorful and descriptive. “Artist’s Dream” is my favorite. It begins with a beautiful melody in the upper registers of the piano and works its way into the middle of the keyboard, increasing the tempo and intensity as it moves. It becomes fairly energetic in the middle before returning to its more fluid and dreamy earlier versions. “Spaniard’s Sonata” closes the set with another favorite. Mysterious and very passionate, it’s a lovely way to end an impressive debut.

Kim Perseghin is off to a great start with Minor Arpeggio, and I hope we’ll here more from her soon! The album is available for download from Amazon and iTunes. Check it out!
September 14, 2011
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