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Album Review: Happy Are They
Light My Step
Cover image of the album Happy Are They by Light My Step
Happy Are They
Light My Step
2017 / Light My Step Music
50 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Happy Are They is the debut album by Light My Step, “a group of Christian composers and musicians who create songs to remind us we are loved by God” (quoted from their Facebook Musician page). Some of the thirteen Contemporary Christian songs were inspired by scripture, traditional prayers and hymns, and others were born out of the artists’ own experience of walking in faith and trusting in God’s love. The songs were written by Thomas Wayne and Daniel Gordon (aka Tom Nichols and Dan Chadburn), but the musicians who actually play and sing on the recording are uncredited by name.

A more uplifting album would be difficult to find, with songs that call for peace, express hope, and witness to the power of faith and love. Most of the instrumentation is fairly uncomplicated - primarily keyboards, guitar, and percussion - allowing the message of the words to stay in the forefront. The melodies and instrumentation are beautiful. There are rock and country influences in most of the songs (as is common with Contemporary Christian music), so this album should appeal to a broad range of age groups and Christian denominations.

With all of the turbulence, hate, fear, and uncertainty in today’s world, Happy Are They offers a very welcome respite with this collection of warm and soothing messages of hope, faith and love. I know that not everyone is receptive to this kind of music, but if you are, I highly recommend Happy Are They and look forward to hearing more from Light My Step in the future. The album is available from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby.
September 4, 2017
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