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Album Review: Fruit of the Spirit
Linda Mantooth
Cover image of the album Fruit of the Spirit by Linda Mantooth
Fruit of the Spirit
Linda Mantooth
2002 / Piano Portraits Music
34 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Fruit of the Spirit is a very enjoyable and soothing debut from pianist Linda Mantooth. The ten original compositions are all solo piano, and the pieces are subtitled with the qualities that contribute to the “fruit of the spirit” according to a Bible verse in Galatians. Mantooth started playing the piano at the age of 5, took lessons for about six years, and then went off on her own - composing her own music and playing by ear (without the restrictions of the printed page). The pieces are all melodic and played with a beautiful touch. The opening track is “Dance of the Ocean Waves (Joy),” which is the most energetic and upbeat piece in the collection. “Love Notes (Love)” is my favorite track - both elegant and down-to-earth, this piece has a bittersweet melody and a gentle flow that is captivating. “Serenity (Peace)” is also exceptionally nice with a mood that is perfectly suited to the title. Another favorite is “Silent Prayer (Self-Control),” an intimate piece that seems to be asking questions as well as receiving reassurance. A very promising first CD from a talented composer and expressive pianist. Fruit of the Spirit is available from amazon.com and lindamantooth.com.
October 10, 2002
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