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Album Review: It's a Good Life
Louis Landon
Cover image of the album It's a Good Life by Louis Landon
It's a Good Life
Louis Landon
2021 / Landon Creative, Inc.
39 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
It's a Good Life is one of four solo piano albums that Louis Landon created and released in 2021 - another incredibly productive year for Louis! As the title of the album suggests, most of the thirteen tracks are upbeat, optimistic and joyful. A few are more reflective and pensive but the overall vibe of the album is a great big smile blended with gratitude and happiness. A lifelong musician who has worked in a variety of capacities, genres and styles, all of those influences create a unique musical voice that is as distinctive as it is varied. Bottom line - when it comes to music, Louis Landon can do it all and do it all well. His effortless playing style, despite the complexity of some of his music, is a sure sign of someone the most at home with a piano keyboard at the tips of his fingers.

The album begins with "A Life Well Lived," a quickly-flowing piece that overflows with a celebratory spirit and a swirling energy. "Recalibration" seems to be all about relaxing and readjusting your inner world to make it more efficient, effective and enjoyable. (Hmmm - I like that phrase!). In difficult times, it's easy to forget to nurture the light that resides in all of us, and "The Light Inside" is a sweet and simple reminder to do just that. "Positive Outcome" is a favorite with its feeling of moving forward, keeping in mind the end result of whatever it is that you're working on. I really like "Fortitude," too, with its expression of inner strength and resilience. "Taking My Time" feels and sounds just like an easy walk in nature, through a park, or just around the neighborhood, happy and in no hurry to get anywhere in particular. Louis is an avid walker and hiker, and I'm sure he knows that feeling well! I love "Heartstrings" with its flowing left hand rhythmic pattern and the right hand dancing freely around the upper half of the piano keyboard. The poignant and sincere "Apology" comes right from the heart, openly and honestly. "In Memoriam" is a beautiful reflection on a life well-lived as well as a heartfelt "farewell" - at least for now. There is always sadness when a loved one dies, but this piece also expresses quiet acceptance and peace. Appropriately, the album closes with "Life Celebration," an energetic "ode to joy" sure to bring a smile and get your toes tapping!

It will be interesting to see if Louis Landon can keep up this amazing output of music in 2022 and beyond. Quality and quantity - what a concept! It's a Good Life is available as a CD or a download from www. LouisLandon.com and Amazon, for streaming and downloading from Apple Music/iTunes, and for streaming from several sites including Bandcamp and Spotify. Both thumbs up! Sheet music is also available from Louis' site.
January 5, 2022