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Album Review: Nighttime Piano
Louis Landon
Cover image of the album Nighttime Piano by Louis Landon
Nighttime Piano
Louis Landon
2021 / Landon Creative, Inc.
33 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Louis Landon's Nighttime Piano is a collection of eleven original piano solos designed specifically for relaxation and deep sleep. Sometimes "relaxation music" means that the music is very ambient and meandering, but these pieces are melodic and are always more than interesting to listen to - even with full attention. Quoting the liner notes: "The order of the songs was intentionally designed to quiet the mind and relax the body. Not recommended for driving or operating heavy machinery." With a playing time of 33 minutes, the album allows enough time to get lost in the music and then let go of the stresses of the day for better sleep and/or simply unwinding. Landon occasionally refers to himself as a "recovering jazzer," and some of that can be heard in the two bluesier tracks (my favorites!) along with the more classical and new age influences and stylings. An incredibly prolific composer and recording artist, Landon has released an amazing 42 albums, 35 of which are solo piano. Nighttime Piano is the second of four albums Landon released in 2021.

Nighttime Piano begins with "Comfort," a gentle piece with a slightly "country" feeling. Slow and reassuring, it's a very nice start! "Winding Down" seems to envelop the listener with warmth and an easy, soothing tempo. "Watching Clouds" moves into the upper and mid-range of the piano with a quiet, effortless piece that suggests puffy white clouds moving gracefully across the sky. Landon is known as "The Pianist For Peace," and "Peace Prayer" beautifully expresses his dream for a more peaceful world. "Drifting Away" is one of my favorites, although this one isn't bluesy. I just find it very easy to get lost in this one as it soothes the mind with its beautiful, dreamy melody. "Calm Waters" and "Wonderful Feeling" also make it very easy to let the music wash over you, causing any tension or stress to leave your mind and body. "Let the Day Go" is another favorite track and does have a bluesy flavor. Slow, open and dark yet very tranquil, the repetitive rhythm pattern has a kind of rocking feel that really does make it easy to "let the day go." With three tracks left on the album, you should be pretty close to sleep - or at least feeling drowsy! If not, "Relax" will take you there! "Blessings" are wonderful to think about while drifting off to sleep - warmth and gratitude often flow freely from these thoughts and take us to a place of contentment. My favorite track is the closing "Surrender." Also gently blues-tinged, it's a very slow and soulful piece that I keep going back to. I might have to look for the sheet music for this one! (Available at LouisLandon.com.)

So, if you're looking for some relaxation music with plenty of substance, give Nighttime Music a try! It is available from Louis Landon's website, Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes, and streaming sites such as Spotify. Highly recommended!
December 22, 2021