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Album Review: Unconditional
Marc Enfroy
Cover image of the album Unconditional by Marc Enfroy
Marc Enfroy
2011 / Enfroy Music
47 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
Marc Enfroy has just made the transition from the minor league to the majors by seeking the production assistance of music power duo 2002. Despite creating and producing two very impressive albums, Enfroy’s decision to seek outside help is clearly a risky move by also changing his music stylistic by slowing down the pace and softening the emotional hues resulting in a very transitional album. While his obvious melodies are still intact, this musical transformation is also a very precarious decision that perhaps the title Unconditional may be a subliminal plea to his established fan base. However, the sheer quality of this album should not only quickly embrace his established listening public but will only add to his legion of listeners.

The sheer gracefulness and regal quality of the opening track “A Good Heart” lets you know immediately that this album is going to be something very special. Enfroy delivers with his heart tugging melody while 2002 help create the detail and nuances that have assisted them in being essentially a permanent resident on the Billboard New Age chart for over fifteen years. The supple hues continue with “Uniqueness”, which quietly features Jack Chen on flute and Pamela Copus with her heavenly ethereal vocals. Once again Enfroy delivers the melodic goods.

For over 47 minutes and ten tracks, Enfroy continually dispenses with impressive compositions throughout with no weak link to be found. On the contrary, “Peacefulness” is probably one the album’s most significant highlights with 2002’s production in complete synchronicity with Enfroy’s stunning songwriting. Meanwhile, the album closes out with “Reaching Authenticity” where it all comes together from the production, ethereal vocals and Jack Chen’s flute embellishments. But let us not forget that this album is anchored in the arresting melodic sensibilities of pianist Marc Enfroy.

It has only been a short 4 years since Marc Enfroy released his solid debut album Unbounded only to quickly follow up with Awakening that did not disappoint but also came with the expectation that we had not yet seen the complete artist. With a little help from some musical friends, Marc Enfroy has met and exceeded this expectation leaving you with only wondering just how beautiful his next creation will be.
April 10, 2011
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