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Album Review: How To Fall Down EP
Marcello Liverani and Blue Spiral Records
Cover image of the album How To Fall Down EP by Marcello Liverani and Blue Spiral Records
How To Fall Down EP
Marcello Liverani and Blue Spiral Records
2022 / Blue Spiral Records
22 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Marcello Liverani's How To Fall Down EP is essentially Part 1 of the full-length How To Fall Down Below the Surface, which will be released in July 2022. The six original tracks combine piano, electronics and sometimes voice, and each track represents a step in the meditative process of catharsis that leads to the liberation of the self. Each piece is simultaneously a meditation, prayer and total surrender to existential pain built on the idea that when the composer seeks existential self-healing in music, he finds a way to share his deepest inner experiences with his audience. Deeply introspective and intense, the music may not always be comfortable, but art isn't always intended to be comfortable.

Marcello Liverani is from Sardinia (Italy) and focuses on the Modern Classical and Electronic genres of music, utilizing piano, keyboards, and minimal electronics as well as acoustic instruments and voice. His background and training are in contemporary avant-garde music and he earned a Master's degree in Composition from the Accademia di S. Cecilia in Rome. Liverani has earned international recognition and won prizes for his vocal, ensemble and orchestral works.

How To Fall Down EP begins with "Chasing the Sky," a delicate piece for piano with electronic textures that give it an otherworldly feeling. Quoting Liverani: "Electronics describe ethereal and impalpable landscapes where sound leads us to look at the sky as a mirror of our soul." Wordless vocals appear in parts of the piece as another musical instrument - an intriguing start! "Deeper" takes us on a cinematic journey that starts simply with piano and electronics, adding voice as it intensifies to a bigger orchestral section before working its way back to dark but deeply emotional minimalism. "A Glimpse" is the first solo piano piece and represents a moment of equilibrium or inactivity. Peaceful and gentle, it sounds like the piano is felted (where a piece of soft cloth is placed between the hammers and strings of the piano to soften the percussive quality of the hammers hitting the strings). There is a very interesting pedal "whoosh" at the end of the piece that gives it a nice send-off! Liverani says that "The Greatest Void" is perhaps the heart of the whole EP. "The construction of the piece is divided into two parts: a preparation and a more intimate one. In the first part, the void is created through an ambient texture and, when we are ready to receive it, the piano arrives: simple, minimal, touching and, in some way, unsettling. It is a piece that talks about pain and how, when we are able to accept it, this too can turn into pure beauty." Very dark and ambient, it really is a bit unsettling - not a bad thing! "A Fragment of Stillness" is the second piano solo and has an uncomplicated melody that is made even more effective with the use of felting as well as the damper pedal for a mysterious echo-like atmosphere - beautiful and very expressive! "Where I Come To An End" sounds ominous, but refers to the end of the Self as ego. More electronic than most of the EP, "the arrangement of the final part winks at post rock and progressive 70s with the use of synth in a sort of improvisation" - quite a change from the other five tracks!What a fascinating project How To Fall Down EP is! I can't wait to hear the rest of the forthcoming album!

How To Fall Down EP is available from Amazon, Apple Music/ iTunes and streaming sites including Spotify. Check it out!
June 5, 2022