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Album Review: Soon and Again
Margie Adam
Cover image of the album Soon and Again by Margie Adam
Soon and Again
Margie Adam
1995 / Pleiades Records
38 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Soon and Again is singer/songwriter Margie Adam’s second collection of piano solos, and is a joy to listen to! Both lyrical and powerful, the music is full of strength and tenderness. The ten pieces were composed over a five-year period, and vary in playing style and emotional content, giving the listener a wonderful sampling of what Margie Adam can do at the 88’s. A strong feminist and political activist, Adam is very prominent in the movement to create Women’s Music (for women and pro-feminist men) and to bring attention to more women in the industry both as artists and as a culture. Co-produced with Barbara Higbie, Soon and Again has the integrity and quality of the Windham Hill productions of the ‘80’s when Will Ackerman was still at the helm. The entire album is excellent, but there are a few stand-outs for me. I really like “River,” a lazy, flowing piece that meanders at its own pace, going where it will. Relaxed and self-assured, there is a warm feeling of contentment and peace. “Two Years Later” is more melancholy and bittersweet - almost conversational - like catching up on the ups and downs of life with an old friend. My favorite track is “Go Ahead - Try Me!”, an upbeat and rhythmic piece with some wonderful crashing bass notes and musical bravado to match the title. The title track is another favorite - dark and slightly bluesy, It starts out slowly, evolving into a more flowing and energetic movement that sparkles with life, and then returning to the original theme - very passionate and effective. I have to admit that this is my first experience with Margie Adam’s music, and I’m hooked! Soon and Again is available from margieadam.com, goldenrod.com, and www.ladyslipper.org. Very highly recommended!
January 30, 2003