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Album Review: Solo Piano, Solo Emociones
Maria del Mar Cabezuelo Saenz
Cover image of the album Solo Piano, Solo Emociones by Maria del Mar Cabezuelo Saenz
Solo Piano, Solo Emociones
Maria del Mar Cabezuelo Saenz
2009 / Maria del Mar Cabezuelo Saenz
44 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Solo piano, solo emociones is the solo piano debut of Spanish pianist/composer Maria del Mar Cabezuelo Saenz, an artist who has been living and teaching music in Italy since 1992. This is one of the warmest and most buoyant piano albums I’ve heard in a long time. Maria del Mar’s extensive background in classical music and technique is very obvious, but she puts so much heart into her playing that I don’t think anyone could find it inaccessible or dry. I also hear the influence of film music, jazz standards, and pop music, so Ms. Cabezuelo Saenz’s approach is far from strictly academic. Most of the sixteen pieces are fairly short and were composed over a period of thirty years - a musical autobiography of sorts. She has dedicated the CD “to all those who believe in the magical power of music.”

I’m afraid that my Italian is limited to music terms and food items and my Spanish isn’t much better, so I can’t translate most of these song titles. However, that shouldn’t be a problem since the music speaks very clearly in the universal language with emotions we can all relate to. The album begins with “La felicita e dentro di,” a piece composed with musical sunshine. Playful and exuberant, it all but dances out of the CD player. “Nostalgia” is more subdued and reflective - beautiful! “Missing You” is a sweet musical love letter - passionate and very personal. “Te quiero” is an elegant, heartfelt ballad that seems to repeat the words “I love you.” “Piccolo studio in mi m mese di aprile” is like a delicate flower swaying in a gentle breeze. “Subida de sueldo - aumento di stipendio” swirls and dances for joy. “La fleur lointaine” is dark, deeply emotional, and almost heartbreaking - my favorite track. “Ninna nanna” is a sweet, tender lullaby that sounds a bit like a music box. The album ends with the most recent composition in the collection: “Pace - Paz,” a graceful call for peace that communicates in any language. Brava, Maria del Mar!

Solo piano, solo emociones is an incredible musical experience, and I sincerely hope this wonderful pianist/composer can find an audience in the US. Her work is truly exceptional and I highly recommend it to those who like contemporary music with the complexity of classical music and a lot of heart. It is available from www.admusicam.eu, Amazon, and iTunes.
October 12, 2010
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