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Album Review: Power Chill
Mark Brewer
Cover image of the album Power Chill by Mark Brewer
Power Chill
Mark Brewer
2011 / Mark Brewer
61 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Power Chill is the third release by Mark Brewer, a Chicago-based classically-trained harpist with more than twenty-five years of experience as a free-lance musician. The album consists of a series of four 15-minute improvised solo harp meditations that are intended for Reiki sessions and individual or group meditation. They are also intended “to bring peace to hearts and minds who seek it.” Again quoting the liner notes: “Use this recording to raise your vibration, which will raise the vibration of the planet and help bring peace and healing to all.” Many people equate harp music with peace, angels and heaven, as well as ultimate calm and relaxation, and those qualities come across beautifully in the gentle flow of the music. More ambient than melodic, this music also provides a very calming backdrop for working, studying or other quiet activities. In the liner notes, Brewer explains: “Just before recording these meditations, my meditation partner and I connected with all lightworkers to energetically inspire these improvisations. Your energies of love and blessing are embedded in this music. I invite you to join with all lightworkers through these meditations.”

The first meditation is titled “Connect,” and begins with nature sounds that lead into the gentle harp music and an invitation to “open your heart chakra to connect with all lightworkers who seek to raise our beautiful Mother Earth to a higher spiritual reality....” The second meditation is “Awaken,” which seeks to “raise your vibration in an upward spiral” and invites you to “experience the dancing spirit of joy.” “Understand” is an “interplay of musical geometries” to help “open blockages and empower you spiritually.” “Give Thanks” includes a return to the sounds of nature to create a “soft landing back to normal consciousness.” Soothing and peaceful no matter how you listen to it, Brewer’s harp music is sure to bring a period of respite and tranquility whether you listen to all four segments at a time or break it into shorter sessions.

Power Chill is available from www.markbrewerharpist.com, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Not recommended for driving or the wake-up alarm! Check it out.
June 26, 2013