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Album Review: Classical Piano
Mark Moore
Cover image of the album Classical Piano by Mark Moore
Classical Piano
Mark Moore
2005 / Mark Moore Productions
33 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
As a piano teacher, I always enjoy hearing solo piano classical music played well, and Mark Moore’s Classical Piano lists some of my favorites, so it came as kind of a shock to discover that these timeless pieces were simplified and edited down. I don’t have a problem with arrangements of the classics, but I do think it should say on the CD somewhere that these pieces are not in their original form. I may be something of a purist in that regard, and a lot of people probably can’t tell the difference, but those who do know the music will be surprised and possibly disappointed. These arrangements are definitely “Classical Piano Lite.”

The CD opens with “Fur Elise,” probably one of the most-loved piano pieces ever composed. It contains the two main themes, but leaves out the slightly more-complicated middle section. “Moonlight Sonata” has done very well on Whisperings Solo Piano Radio. It’s pretty close to the original with some chord modifications. “Pathetique Sonata” is the slower second movement of the Sonata. This gorgeous melody has been changed many times over the years and was even a vocal piece called “Midnight Blue.” “Liebestraum” by Liszt is another one of the most beautiful pieces ever composed. The melody itself is not difficult to play, but it has some really thorny passages that are often simplified. This is a lovely arrangement. Handel’s “Sarabande” is one of my favorite classical pieces to teach, and this arrangement is quite effective. Moore’s version of the Pachelbel Canon is lively and upbeat - different and kind of fun! The closing track is the theme from Mozart’s Symphony #40 - very lively and joyous.

If you are looking for a collection of easy-listening classical piano favorites, this could be a good choice. Personally, I obviously prefer the originals, but a lot of people don’t like the challenge and this could be just their cup of tea. Classical Piano is available from markmooreproductions.com.
March 13, 2006
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