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Album Review: A Star Is Born
Mars Lasar
Cover image of the album A Star Is Born by Mars Lasar
A Star Is Born
Mars Lasar
2007 / Gemini Sun
41 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
This album is no longer available and the review is for reference only.

The master of sound manipulation has returned again to provide us with another all out Christmas affair. Much like his highly successful Christmas From Mars, released back in the year 2000, Lasar breathes life into the holiday songs that we have heard over and over again creating nuances that make the Christmas carols fresh and vibrant. This time around it is an all vocal affair with the addition of the dreamy vocals of new coming Cadence. The combination of these two artists makes for a magical merger.

It goes without saying that the production is detailed and crystal clear with all the bells, whistles and chimes (literally) associated with such a festive affair. Adding the wistful and ethereal vocals of Cadence further compliments the arrangements of Lasar. The album focuses on Christmas past by reviving seven traditional carols merged with three original compositions. Of the traditional arrangements “Angels” “Immanuel” and “All Is Bright” are where the vocals of Cadence are most defined and inspiring. Multi layered and angelic, comparisons with Enya will be unavoidable though her presentation comes with a sense of even greater wholesomeness and purity keeping the vocals focused.

As previously mentioned there are three original compositions in the form of the title track, “William’s Hallelujah” and “My Prayer”. The first two tracks are self penned by Cadence while the latter is credited to both Lasar and Cadence. Of the three, “William’s Hallelujah” is probably the most stirring and spiritually uplifting and in and of itself is worth the price of admission. Though “My Prayer” is a close second reminiscent of music from the soundtrack of the Titanic.

With the exception of some vocal assistance from Michael Angelo Caldwell and Philip Spalding on “Holy Night” and “My Prayer” respectively, this album focuses on the talents of both Lasar and Cadence. Cadence is even co-credited with the production and arrangements. With a new recording scheduled from her in 2008 there is no doubt that a star has been born. This makes this Christmas affair a double success allowing us to relive our seasonal memories in a fresh and innovative way one expects from Mars Lasar through the voice of this gifted newcomer Cadence.
December 1, 2007
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