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Album Review: These Are the Moments
Michael Dulin
Cover image of the album These Are the Moments by Michael Dulin
These Are the Moments
Michael Dulin
2012 / Equity Digital
72 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
These Are the Moments is a collection of pianist/composer extraordinaire Michael Dulin’s most requested original songs and arrangements from six of his releases from 2002-2012. The sixteen tracks include a new piano/vocal piece that reveals another musical side of Dulin. This collection gives a really nice overview of Dulin’s work to date and flows beautifully when played from start to finish. A classically-trained Juilliard graduate and one of the most effortless and accomplished pianists on the planet, Dulin’s sensitive touch and compelling playing style put him in a league of his own among contemporary pianist/composers. I have been fortunate enough to see Dulin play in concert several times, and he’s even more impressive live - as in jaw-dropping!

These Are The Moments begins with “Once Upon a Time” from Atmospheres (2003). This gentle, dreamy piece combines piano with background keyboard washes - a sound Dulin has become known for. “Simply Satie” comes from Timeless (2004) and is a gorgeous adaptation of Erik Satie’s “Three Gymnopedies.” Dulin adds many embellishments not in the original piece, but they do not overwhelm the delicate melody. I love this! “The One I Waited For” comes from the album by the same name (2002) and was composed for Dulin’s wife, Jan - a tender and loving tribute. “The Swan” comes from Timeless 2 (2010), and is another original arrangement of a well-known classical piece, this time by Saint-Saens. The second half of the piece is a cello and piano duet that is as graceful as they come. “Follow the River” picks up the tempo with the spirited and joyous title track from Dulin’s most-recent album (2008) of all-original music. “Mary’s Babe’s A-Sleeping” was composed for Christmas At Our House (2005), but is such a wonderful piece that it needs to be heard year-round. This is definitely one of my very favorite Dulin pieces, as is “Night Rhythms” from Atmospheres, which introduces a smooth jazz element to the mix - sultry and intoxicating. “Captiva Nights” is another all-time favorite with its easy motion and tranquil mood. Other titles include “Common Faith,” “Wedding Day,” “Siren Song,” and “Moonlight Sonata.” The new track, “Winter Dreams,” features music by Dulin and lyrics written and sung by Jeania Major. Major’s powerful soprano voice and Dulin’s lovely orchestration make this closing track a standout.

Whether you are a long-time fan of Michael Dulin’s music or have yet to discover his exceptional musical gifts, These Are the Moments is a wonderful addition to your collection. It is available from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby as well as www.michaeldulin.com. Very highly recommended!
August 8, 2012
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