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Album Review: Pianoscapes
Michael Jones
Cover image of the album Pianoscapes by Michael Jones
Michael Jones
2002 / Narada
110 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Pianoscapes - The Deluxe Edition is a remastered version of the recording that launched Michael Jones’ musical career back in 1984. Pianoscapes was originally released on Narada in 1985, but was edited to fit the time constraints of LPs and cassettes at the time. This remastered two-CD edition is the original 87-minute recording that Jones recorded in his home studio in one sitting, and released for friends and gift shops as a two-cassette package. At the time of the recording, Jones had no concept of audience expectations, so this is as pure and heartfelt as it gets. Jones has the reputation for being a master improviser at the piano, and the depth of his creativity knows no bounds. Pianoscapes is a true classic in the genre and belongs in every collection of contemporary piano music. Also included are previously unreleased recordings of “Echoes,” “On the Road,” and “Night Wind” from Sunscapes (1986), bringing the collection up to a playing time of more than 110 minutes. I was a little disappointed that the liner notes are so spare, since Narada has often released albums with extensive booklets that tell much about the artists and the music. That’s a very small issue, though, as Michael Jones is a very established artist with an extensive website (pianoscapes.com). I highly recommend Pianoscapes - The Deluxe Edition! It is available from most of the online music stores, Michael Jones’ website, and wherever Narada recordings are available. A beautiful and inspiring album!
January 1, 2002
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