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Album Review: Fynrien's Dream
Muses 9
Cover image of the album Fynrien's Dream by Muses 9
Fynrien's Dream
Muses 9
2013 / Blue Amazon Studios
46 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Fynrien's Dream was originally released in 2008 as Feel To Heal by 9 Muses. It was re-released in 2013 as Fynrien's Dream with a change to the group's name to Muses9 (officially with the 9 making the name look like "Muses to the 9th power"). The changes to the album itself are a different playing order, a bonus track ("Feel to Heal - Night Sky Mix"), and new cover artwork by Jonathan E. Bowser. The following is my original review of Feel to Heal from 2009:

A bit of intrigue surrounds the release of Feel to Heal by 9 Muses. The cover letter that came with the CD tantalizingly says, “Feel to Heal is the first in the Elements series and also introduces the listener to the first of the nine muses. More about her will be revealed shortly. First we let the music speak.” Hmmmmm! The identity of the artist(s) is not given in the credits or letter, so this is all very mysterious! The album itself is a lovely set of ten songs sung with the ethereal voice of what sounds like one woman (the first muse, I’m sure!). The poetic lyrics are accompanied by fairly simple instrumentation and rhythms that serve to enhance the hypnotic effect of the gentle words and voice. The theme of most of the songs is romance and love, but this is no cookie-cutter pop album. These themes are mostly of a more mature nature with dreamy, poetic thoughts rather than predictable rhymes.

Feel to Heal begins with “Cool Water,” a sensual song that is accompanied by a interesting rhythm and keyboard chords in the background. 9 Muses’ voice carries the melody singly and with layers near the end. This is definitely an attention-grabber! “The Moon Told Me” has a little more instrumentation, but it’s still very spare. I really like this one a lot - a passionate love song to a fiery demon and an angel. “The Man That Never Was” is about a fantasy man who has captivated the heart of the singer. The chorus’ tango rhythm could become an anthem for single women everywhere! “Master Mind” is more of a folk song accompanied by only guitar for the verses; strings are added for the choruses. The title track is a lot of fun! A strong rhythm and catchy melody make this one very radio-friendly. Exotic interludes and fascinating lyrics make it a real standout. Love it! As the title implies, “Bruised Tears” is about the most painful of heartbreaks - mournful and very moving. “Fynrien’s Dream” is magical and sparkling. There are no lyrics for this lovely song - just the sweet, dreamy voices and gentle, floating keyboard. Heavenly!

9 Muses has created a very impressive debut. I’m anxious to learn more about them (or her), and to hear more of this music. Feel to Heal is available from CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes. Check it out!
September 19, 2017
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