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Album Review: Where Did the Time Go
Neil Tatar and David Darling
Cover image of the album Where Did the Time Go by Neil Tatar and David Darling
Where Did the Time Go
Neil Tatar and David Darling
2013 / Neil Tatar & David Darling
46 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Where Did the Time Go is an outstanding collaboration by guitarist/pianist/composer Neil Tatar and Grammy-winning cellist/composer David Darling. Originally released in 2013, this album is now getting the promotion it so richly deserves. An eclectic mix of composed and improvised music by two master musicians, the nine tracks are a fascinating melange of styles and genres from jazz and blues to Middle Eastern to flowing, lyrical melodies. This is music that can slip quietly into the background, but it really shouldn’t stay there - this is great stuff! In addition to guitar, piano and cello, guest musicians appear on some of the tracks on Indian flute, percussion, and dudek. Both Tatar and Darling are teachers who bring a lifetime of musical experience to their creative endeavors, taking their music to a level not often seen or heard these days.

Where Did the Time Go begins with “Journey,” a wonderful piece that defies classification. Acoustic guitar, bowed and pizzicato cello, and chimes blend to create a sound that is sometimes playful and sometimes more serious with a distinctive Middle Eastern flavor - a great start! The title track is a gorgeous duet for cello and piano. Reflective and nostalgic, Darling’s cello tugs at the heartstrings with its melancholy voice and deep introspection. This one deserves a “wow!” “Tuesday” is a guitar solo that incorporates light jazz, a little blues, and some incredible finger-picking. “Garuda” goes to a darker, more mysterious place with the help of flute, light percussion, piano, cello and electric guitar. “Moment of Desire” ventures into a more ambient realm, passionate and spontaneous. The tender and graceful “Waltz for Lini” is a sublime duet for acoustic guitar and cello. At almost 9 1/2 minutes, “Return To Journey” is by far the longest track and has a very strong Middle Eastern influence. I never think of the cello as an instrument that would appear in this kind of music, but Darling makes it sound perfectly natural. Piano is also a fairly unusual component in Indian-styled music, but it holds back as a supporting member of the ensemble and works beautifully. “Last Dance” is beautifully melancholy - a poignant duet for piano and cello with guitar embellishments. “Celebration Of Dudek” closes the album with a rhythmic yet sorrowful piece that touches the heart as it soothes the soul.

I have to admit that this is my first exposure to Neil Tatar’s music, and I hope it isn’t the last! David Darling is always stellar, and Where Did the Time Go is no exception. Beautiful from the first note to the last, I highly recommend this album! It is available from neiltatar.com, DavidDarling.com, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby.
December 23, 2014
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