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Album Review: Somewhere In California
Night Ranger
Cover image of the album Somewhere In California by Night Ranger
Somewhere In California
Night Ranger
2011 / Frontiers Records
54 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
For those of you that loved motoring to "Sister Christian" or strolling down “Sentimental Street” along with the multiple other hits they have had in the past, just know that Night Ranger are no longer holding onto their past glories. The time is now as Night Ranger has created their most complete album of their career.

Somewhere In California kicks off with the rocking anthem tribute to CA courtesy of "Growin' Up In California". And frankly the songs throughout the album are top drawer material with dueling guitars, delectable harmonies, and pounding drums layered in keyboards but still guitar driven. Anthem after anthem, you will need to wait until track 5 to secure a collective breath courtesy of the mid tempo ballad “Time Of Our Lives” that is drenched in a gorgeous melody. But be ready to shift right back into overdrive because this represents the sole ballad on the album that appears essential stuck in an exciting high gear.

Bottom line is that this is not only a pinnacle moment for Night Ranger, but this just might be the comeback album of 2011. If you like your rock music to be filled with irresistible hooks and anthems, then the state of musical escape found on Somewhere In California is just about the coolest place to be.
October 26, 2012