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Album Review: Metamorphosis (single)
Pam Asberry
Cover image of the album Metamorphosis (single) by Pam Asberry
Metamorphosis (single)
Pam Asberry
2022 / Optimistic Flamingo
4 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"Metamorphosis" is the orchestrated single of the closing solo piano track on Pam Asberry's upcoming album, Unraveling (releasing in April 2022). Composed by Asberry and orchestrated by Deborah Offenhauser, the piano is "front and center" throughout the 4 minute piece. The album chronicles Pam's personal experience with navigating through the coronavirus crisis these past two years. In the liner notes of the album, she describes "Metamorphosis":

"Hopeful that COVID-19’s 'endemic' stage is imminent, I feel rather like a butterfly about to spread her wings and fly into the sunshine. But just as a caterpillar’s body must be destroyed for a butterfly to emerge, I believe I will never be able to return to the person I was before the pandemic, nor do I wish to. Rather, I am determined to remember the lessons I have learned during these challenging times and to emerge into the days ahead with new insights, beauty, and power."

The music expresses strength and confidence, but also a certain amount of caution, sadness and loss - feelings most of us have experienced at various times in varying degrees during this period of pandemic. I also sense feelings of caution with moving forward as well as relief and hope for the future. It's a beautiful piece orchestrated as well as in its original solo piano form and a wonderful introduction to Pam's new album.

"Metamorphosis" is available on all streaming platforms as well as to download on Amazon and Apple Music/iTunes.
March 14, 2022
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